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> EDAL: Egyptian & Egyptological Documents Archives Libraries - N. 6
[EDAL: Egyptian & Egyptological Documents Archives Libraries; Patrizia Piacentini (direttore)]
EDAL: Egyptian & Egyptological Documents Archives Libraries - N. 6
2017 , Pontremoli Editore , Milano
EURO 80,00
Edition Edizione originale.
Notes Indice -- VOL. 1 Preface. Old Kingdom Art and Archaeology in Milano —Patrizia Piacentini * Sergio Donadoni and Egypt’s Most Ancient History —Sergio Pernigotti * Politics of Religious Symbols: Maat as a Concept of Rule, Justice and Kingship —Miroslav Bárta, Veronika Dulíková * Representations of Human and Animal Emotions in the Old Kingdom —Nathalie Beaux * «Bat» and the «Fortress of Khufu» in the Wadi el-Jarf Logbooks —Pierre Tallet * Non-Normative Burials of the Old Kingdom —Antje Kohse * Mastabas g 7050 attributed to Nefret-kau, Nefermaat (g 7060), and Snefru-khaf (g 7070) in the Eastern Cemetery (g 7000) at Giza: a 4th Dynasty Family —Laurel Flentye * Construction Methods for the Top of the Great Pyramid at Giza —Yukinori Kawae, Yoshihiro Yasumuro, Ichiroh Kanaya, Fumito Chiba— * Some Observations on Old Kingdom Burials at the Eastern Edge of Giza Excavated in 2007-2014 — Maksim A. Lebedev — * A New Fragment of an Autobiographical Inscription from Giza —Olena Romanova — * Reassembling the Cabin of Khufu’s Second Boat, 2013–2016: a Preliminary Analysis of the Wooden Components and Carpenters’ Marks —Ayano Yamada, Eissa Zidan, Mamdouh Taha, Sakuji Yoshimura * Nakhtsare’s Cemetery in Abusir Centre —Jaromír Krej?í — * Mapping Sun Cult and Architecture in 5th Dynasty Egypt. Towards an Historical Geographical Information System (HGIS) —Massimiliano Nuzzolo * Naoi with High-Relief Figures as Part of the Tomb Design in Abusir South —Gabriele Pieke, Hana Vymazalová * The Orientation of the Hieroglyphic Texts on the Lintel of Intef’s Tomb Façade at the Necropolis of Tabbet el-Guesh (6th Dynasty) — Vassil Dobrev * False Doors from Pepy i’s Necropolis —Rémi Legros * Djedkare’s Pyramid in 3d: New Documentation Methods for the King’s Burial Apartments —Mohamed Megahed, Vladimír Br?na * SIGSaqqâra: Presentation and Applications of the Project —Eloïse Noc * Reconstruction of the Project Intent of Snefru’s Bent Pyramid —Riccardo Manzini * Zawiyet Sultan in the Old Kingdom — Review and Update —Richard Bussmann * Two Sister-Sites during the Old Kingdom: the Recent Results from the Settlement Excavations at Tell Edfu and Dendara —Gregory Marouard, Nadine Moeller * An Intact Late 6th Dynasty Tomb from Qubbet el-Hawa —Martina Bardonova, Eva Montes-Moya, Alejandro Jiménez-Serrano * Invisible History: Hidden Markov Model of Old Kingdom Administration Development and its Trends —Veronika Dulíková, Radek Ma?ík, Miroslav Bárta, Matej Cibu?a * Some Notes on Harkhuf’s Career —Alejandro Jiménez-Serrano * The Royal Governors of El-Qusiya in the Old and Middle Kingdoms —Naguib Kanawati * Social Differentiation and Degree of Integration in Court Society: towards a Sociology of the Provincial Élites in the Old Kingdom —Émilie Martinet * Multiple Marriages and Polygamy in the Old Kingdom —Kim McCorquodale * Re-examination of Jww/Hr-jb Coffin, the Egyptian Museum cgc 28003: Case Study —Zeinab Hashesh * Manipulating Image, Processing Script: Construction and Deconstruction of the Human Figure in the Pyramid Texts —Francesca Iannarilli * Lexicographic and Iconographic Study of «hesayt», an Aromatic Product from Africa. —Ilaria Incordino * How to Give Something as a Present to the Tomb Owner in Old Kingdom Daily-Life Scenes —Aurore Motte * Animal Categorisation During the Old Kingdom: Lexicography, Hieroglyphs and Iconography —Simon Thuault * The King of the Cannibal Hymn as the New Creator —Dana B?lohoubková, Ji?í Janák, Marie Peterková Hlouchová * The «Scene of the Pelicans» in the Room of the Seasons: an Early Attestation of Animal Worship (?) —Angelo Colonna * The Outside World in the Pyramid Texts. An Overview of the Foreign Toponyms —Elena Panaite * Daybreak, Dawn and Recurrent Revivification in the Pyramid Texts —Joanna Popielska-Grzybowska * The Two Kites and the Osirian Revolution —Racheli Shalomi-Hen * Old Kingdom Tomb Decoration Changes as an Indicator of a Changing Riverine Ecology? —John Burn * Egypt and Brancusi. An Intuition of Jacob Epstein’s —Alessio Delli Castelli * Cattle Feet in Funerary Rituals: a Diachronic View Combining Archaeology and Iconography —Marleen De Meyer, José Manuel Serrano * The Significance of the Calf’s Head in the Old Kingdom Offering Scenes —Emad Ahmed Elsayyad * «Unusual Herders»: Iconographic Development, Diffusion and Meanings of Dwarves, Boys and Lame and Emaciated People as Drovers from the Old Kingdom to the Early Middle Kingdom —Andrés Diego Espinel * The Semiotics of Representations: Between the Signs of Royal Communications in the Pharaonic Tradition of the Old Kingdom —Massimiliano Franci * Old Kingdom Influence in the Southern Room of Amun in the Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari —Katarzyna Kapiec * Auguste Rodin and the Old Kingdom: the Catalogue of the Egyptian Collection —Nathalie Kayser-Lienhard * Depictions of Defeated Foreigners in the Late Old Kingdom Pyramid Complex: A Mythological Interpretation —Tara Prakash ---- VOL. 2 Appendices * Abbreviations * Bibliography * Index * List of Authors * Plates
Condition Nuovo.
Physical description 2 voll.,, in 4°, brossura, vol. 1: 464 pp., 46 articoli in inglese; vol. 2: 216 pp., appendici, lista degli autori, 90 tavole a col.
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